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What is "MURLI"

Murlis are the unadultrated unique forms of SHIVBABA our Supreme Teacher,as at first & actually talked by Him through His medium BrahmaBaba since 1936 (refered to as "SAKAAR" Murlis).These valuable lessons have been safeguarded as the years progressed, and circled to all the 9000 Brahma Kumaris branches all through the world, and read out day by day amid 'Murli-Class' to the BK understudies, by the educator in-control.

"AVYAKT" Murlis

are divine adaptations talked by BAPDADA, both Shivbaba and BrahmaBaba, through Their medium Dadi Gulzaar since 1969 upto date, after Brahmababa achieved his Stage of Perfection.

Shivbaba and Brahmababa are both together lovingly called BAPDADA. BAP implies father, and DADA implies granddad and furthermore senior sibling.

Shivbaba is our Parlokik - Spiritual Father, the Father of all souls, and furthermore our Grand-Father, since He is Brahma Baba's Father.

Brahma Baba is our Alokik father - the father of humanity,and not just our eldest sibling in this profound family, additionally our extraordinary incredible granddad since he is our first precursor or the principal divinity Sri Krishna, the main leaf of the human tree - the Kalp Vruksh, the primary ruler of the new world.

*Food is essential for the body, a long lasting sustenance.Similarly MURLI - is nourishment, prescription, shield, weapon.... for the brain, an unquestionable requirement for each BK, a Brahmin-deep rooted sustainer. Go to Murli class every day at your nearby focus - reliable and precise participation. Understand the significance of otherworldly review - be ready.

* For quick rebuilding of the Soul to culminate health,its most critical to dispense with waste contemplations. The best treatment for this : Fill yourself, rather immerse your psyche, agitating this Knowledge to such a degree, to the point that there is no room left for Maya (the indecencies), or negative/squander/debased contemplations to enter your brain.

* Postive/effective/unadulterated contemplations got from Baba's Murli, are the seeds we sow for a raised fate.

* Make time likewise for day by day Self-Study/Home-Work, according to ones comfort.

* You have experienced our Brahma Kumari's7-Day Basic-Introductory-Course.Murlis are the Advanced Course/Classes.

* Every single medium through which you are getting the chance to peruse or tune in to the Brahma Kumaris, i.e. by means of the TV,internet, educators, and so forth are altogether gotten from Baba's Murlis. Hence it is critical to study Baba's ( unique variants ) Murli daily.The added favorable position of tuning in to it in a BK social occasion is the effective vibrations that will help re-charge you at the middle, and will profit any individual who tirelessly studies, and actualizes the lessons in their day by day lives.

* We have heard stories of how the 'Gope-Gopis' utilized to get inebriated tuning in to Sri Krishna's "Murli" (fllute).That is however the remembrance of this crossroads ever (the Diamond-Age/Sangamyuga),when God (Krishna - the main Perfec tSoul today) is straightforwardly granting His True Bhagwad Gita i.e. His Murli of Knowledge.

Regardless of the possibility that you don't motivate time to concentrate the classes, are accepting routinely by means of this web, do save atleast a couple of minutes to peruse them once every day. These classes are a correction of Baba's Murlis. This will fill in as 'something worth mulling over' for the duration of the day. Soak up promptly what you comprehend, the rest Baba will clear up in due time. Day by day Meditation is similarly vital as studies, as reflection scrubs and cleanse the mind which thusly helps one to obviously comprehend Baba's most hoisted and precious lessons.

Be always inebriated that you are presently God's uncommon picked kid, a hoisted understudy in God's University, and God Himself is showing you!

The entire murlis are not conveyed through messages due to different reasons.... a couple reasons are :

1. Numerous souls would quit going to focuses on the grounds that they feel that perusing muralis is all that they are relied upon to do. They miss the consolidated gathering yoga; new ones would never find out about drishti, and the individuals who don't go to focuses can not serve through their body, psyche and riches contrasted with what they could have done had they went to classes.

2. There would not be the inclination, belongingness, solidarity, and experience of the perfect family.

3. We take in a considerable measure by watching seniors in a social occasion/class.

4.Service is the territory where our sanskars are put to test and openings are made for us to develop/to move forward. Souls will be denied of this superb open door by getting muralis at home.

5. Indeed, even subsequent to being a customary understudy for a long time, many souls still have their own particular manmat (directs of their psyche), still have bhakti sanskars, and are not ready to comprehend Baba 'as He truly may be'. In the event that one begins considering muralis at home all alone, that is, without a senior BK clarifying the genuine criticalness, and the profound parts of gyan, there would be awesome misfortune ... the spirit would decipher learning on the premise of his old sanskars and may spread 'his own hypothesis' to others as well.

6. There might be a couple of souls who have taken this information and are by and by living in spots where there are no focuses. Such souls can contact their particular Zone in control and be in contact with them so that some plan could be made to send muralis to them. Normally it is the printed versions that are sent.

7. We have to entirely takes after the rules set by our seniors. In this manner with the enthusiasm of understudies' advantage/advance as a main priority, we can not send muralis through the web.

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